Privacy Policy

Last updated: September 17, 2018

In this policy, we explain how we will handle your personal information when you sign up and use our website Where we say 'we' and 'us' we mean Blocktopus. Where we say 'third party' this means anyone who is not you or us. This could be another person or organisation.

As transparency and privacy are core values, we regularly check and update this policy to reflect new features and functionality. We have a lot of new features and functionality planned, so to avoid having to issue a new privacy policy every month, there may be information about things that aren't in place yet, but they will be soon. Regularly reviewing this policy makes sure that you are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it and how we might share it.

Information collection and use

We collect information about you to set up your Blocktopus account when you use the website. We use it do things like:

  • create your account and provide the products / services;
  • check you don’t already have an account;
  • check the document you add is genuine and the photo matches your account set-up photo;
  • check you’re a real live person;
  • verify details;
  • check for fraud;
  • authenticate you when you make certain requests, such as to delete your account.

Information sharing

Blocktopus will share your information with the organizations that you had the intention to do your Know Your Customer process in order to get access to their services. This information is shared in order to enable future auditing of the organization.

Other circumstances that we may need to share your information are:

  • suspected or confirmed identity fraud or other offences;
  • valid and legally binding requests for information from third parties;
  • to verify your details;
  • where an organization that you bought Tokens from their Crowdsale further checks with third parties that we are able to provide.

We do not sell your information to third parties that you didn't intend to perform your Know Your Customer process in order to access their services.

Security and data location

The information you provide is always transmitted over TLS and is stored in European AWS Datacenters. Your information may be accessed by priviledged Blocktopus employees in plain text form, in order to:

  • provide you customer support or in order to troubleshoot;
  • troubleshoot Blocktopus service missbehaviors or interuptions
Your data is retained only for as much as needed and then its deleted. The need of your retention period of your data is defined by longest retention period that the local laws of the the third party organizations that you perform your Know Your Customer process, define.

Your rights and choices

You can see all the information we hold on you by accessing our product (such as the KYC Panel). If you need to update information you can do so. If you want to delete your information, you must send a deletion request at and we'll review your deletion request and reply to you within one day. We may decline your deletion request, in case it enables you to commit fraud.


We use cookies on our website to provide the service, collect anonymous information and for security purposes.


We collect information about your device and your use of our products using third-party tools. The information we collect is de-identified and aggregated so we can’t identify you personally. We use it to understand how our products are being used and to improve them.

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