Etherize is a DEMONSTRATION of an ICO on Blocktopus and not a real ICO

September 27, 2018 - November 30, 2018
1 ETH = 1000 ETHZ
Restricted Locations
United States of America , China
Published on Blocktopus

About Etherize

Beginning of the year we launched our landing page and a prototype of what we promised to build, to feel out potential interest from developers and businesses in our promised service. Your support during these three months has been tremendous and as a result we released our beta version of the service that we promised you! This is our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of Etherize and more features will be announced soon.
What we currently offer

Let’s see what you can achieve today by using the current version of Etherize. Our MVP version offers End-to-End encrypted Ethereum Wallets. The term “End-to-End encrypted Wallets” means that the private keys of your users’ Wallets are encrypted using their password, before being uploaded to our service. As a result, the Wallets we are providing you, are as secure as they can be, since only your users can use them on their devices and anywhere else they are turned into garbage. With security comes privacy as a feature, and as a result not even you (your company) or us (Etherize) can access these Wallets, and that’s a privacy feature that your users will appreciate.

Apart from our End-to-End encryption feature, we make the integration of Ethereum into your product as easy as it can become, since we

  1. are enabling you to sync Wallets across devices
  2. perform transactions on the main and test Ethereum network
  3. deploy smart contracts and
  4. sign data with a just few lines of code.

In order to support the End-to-End encryption feature, we are offering a client framework which today is offered in JavaScript, as an npm package. This means that you are enabled to integrate Etherize in web apps, nodejs services, electron and react native applications. If you need our client in any language other than JavaScript, contact us so we can prioritize its development and release.

All of the above are being offered under extreme security measures. All our cryptographic primitives and encryption processes are the current state of the art and following NIST’s standards. We enforce encryption on transit so you avoid transmitting any kind of data in plain text and we encrypt the traffic between our server communications within the AWS boundary, to avoid leaking any kind of data to Amazon. We encrypt your data at rest, even though the Wallets we are offering you are already End-to-End encrypted. Our APIs favor convention over configuration so your developers are more productive and avoid introducing bugs. Continuity and Integrity are part of our security focused mindset. As a result, we take hourly backups of all our encrypted data, we have replicated databases on different geographic locations, and overall we are committed to 99.99% availability of our services.

Currently we are offering only the free tier of our pricing plan, which enables 100 Wallets on our infrastructure and you can enable 100 more free Wallets by participating in our survey. Our paid plans will be enabled by June, but if you need them earlier than June, contact us so we can change your Wallet quota before we officially release our paid plans.
The future


The crowdfunding of Etherize will enable the expansion of its services to other Distributed Ledger platforms, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.