For Upcoming ICOs

Get Plug and Play KYC for your ICO. Simply add our Solidity library in your ICO's Smart Contract and it will automatically filter out any payments that are not issued from our pool of whitelisted wallets and at the same time it will prevent the Token Buyers of the restricted countries of your ICO from buying Tokens.

Blocktopus is certified with the ISO 27001 and 9001 which ensure that the state of the art security, privacy and quality assurance processes are being applied.

Expose your ICO to our pool of whitelisted investors, who are being notified about our newly registered ICOs.

Completely automate KYC for your ICO, by utilizing the power of Smart Contracts.

Reduce your costs of your ICO's KYC procedures.

Increase your ICO's campaign conversion by reducing the number of steps from opening the page to completing the purchase.

Accelerate the completion of your KYC verification.

Provide a more convenient way to participate in your ICO, since there is no need for your Token Buyers to upload additional documents.

Increase your customer loyalty.

For Token Buyers

No need to submit documents for KYC/AML verification for each and every ICO. One-step document check.

Blocktopus is certified with the ISO 27001 which ensures that the state of the art security and privacy processes are applied.

Once your KYC is successful passed, you are immediately whitelisted.

Express access to the wide range of ongoing ICOs upon successful completion of KYC/AML verification.

No need to re-register for each ICO: one login and one password can be used for all ICOs.

Single convenient multiplatform interface.

Live ICOs



Etherize is a DEMONSTRATION of an ICO on Blocktopus and not a real ICO

September 27, 2018 - November 30, 2018
1 ETH = 1000 ETHZ
Restricted Locations
United States of America , China

About Etherize

Beginning of the year we launched our landing page and a prototype of what we promised to build, to feel out potential interest from developers and businesses in our promised service. Your support during these three months has been tremendous and as a result we released our beta version of the service that we promised you! This is our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of Etherize and more features will be announced soon.
What we