Protect your DApp from untrusted Ether wallets

Guard your Token Sale or DApp from wallets that don't belong to KYC'd and AML whitelisted users.

Expose your Token Sale or DApp to Blocktopus' pool of identified and sanction-free individuals and companies who will be able to buy your organization's tokens or use your DApp without going through a KYC process.

Get advantage of Blocktopus' patent pending plug and play solution of integrating the KYC gateway and location restrictions in your DApp.

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Organizations that need KYC'd and AML-free individuals and companies

Embed Blocktopus in your web app or integrate Blocktopus' API to tap into the identified individuals and companies. Utilize the automated Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering service in order to keep your platform safe from malicious actors.

Mitigate the risk of enabling money laundering and terrorist financing schemes through your platform, by enabling Blocktopus' periodic sanctions list monitoring.

All identified and whitelisted users of Blocktopus are granted an Ether and a Bitcoin wallet which you can access to power your Blockchain scenarios.

Blocktopus will integrate any Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing sanctions list that you need to check your users against, according to your local jurisdiction.

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Security and Privacy at Blocktopus

Blocktopus has been certified with the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 to communicate that is commited to applying the state of the art processes when it comes to its customer's security and privacy.

In order to ensure that the high security standards are maintained while Blocktopus' services evolve, security audits are conducted by third-party security firms in a regular basis.

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